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These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern the use of Tabitha Yoga  (“Service”) and govern the relationship between you (“You” or “User”) and Tabitha Yoga, (“Tabitha Yoga” or “We”) regarding your use of the Service. By accessing or using the Service You agree to the Terms and accept to be bound by them. These Terms affect your legal rights and obligations, so if you do not agree to the Terms, please do not use the Service.

In order to use the service you agree to complete and submit the "Tabitha Yoga Online Health Questionnaire" supplied to You, upon registration, by Tabitha Yoga.  The Tabitha Yoga Online Health Questionnaire can also be found here and in the sub-menu of the Tabitha Yoga Online Homepage.  In addition to completing and submitting the said questionnaire, you also agree to regularly update any changes to your supplied information.

Medical Disclaimer. Before starting any yoga or Pilates exercise program through the Service, consult your physician, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, to determine if such a program is right for your needs.  Tabitha Yoga is not a medical organisation and Tabitha Wright ( teacher) cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. All suggestions and comments relating to the use of equipment, poses, moves, and instruction are not required to be performed by you and are carried out at your election while using the Service. Nothing contained in this Service should be construed as any form of such medical advice or diagnosis.

By using the Service you represent that you understand that physical exercise involves strenuous physical movement and that such activity carries the risk of injury whether physical or mental. You understand that it is your responsibility to judge your physical and mental capabilities for such activities. It is your responsibility to ensure that by participating in classes and activities from Tabitha Yoga, you will not exceed your limits while performing such activities, and you will select the appropriate level of classes for your skills and abilities, as well as for any mental or physical conditions and/or limitations you have. You understand that from time to time Tabitha Wright (teacher) may suggest physical adjustments or the use of the equipment and it is your sole responsibility to determine if any such suggested adjustment or equipment is appropriate for your level of ability and physical and mental condition. You expressly waive and release any claim that you may have at any time for injury of any kind against Tabitha Yoga, or any person or entity involved with Tabitha Yoga, including without limitation its directors, principals, teachers, independent contractors, employees, agents, contractors, affiliates and representatives.

You become a registered user of the Service and create a Service account (“Account”) by voluntarily giving and using your personal unique email address and giving other information required ("Health Questionnaire"}

The Service is intended for people who are the age of majority (usually 18 years old or older). Persons under that age shall provide separate consent from their legal guardians.

Terms Of Use  - Your Rights / Obligations

The Service is licensed to you for your personal and non-commercial use only. Your use of the Service might be governed also by separate policies, as provided in connection with such services. Each individual User shall only create one (1) Account.

Without limiting any other remedies, Tabitha Yoga may limit, suspend, terminate, modify, or delete Accounts or access to the Service or parts thereof if You fail to comply, or if Tabitha Yoga suspects such failure, with the Terms or for any actual or suspected illegal or improper use of the Tabitha Yoga services, without notice to You. You may lose, as a result of termination or limitation of your right to use the Service, any additional content (as defined here below) or other material associated with your use of the Service, and Tabitha Yoga is under no obligation whatsoever to compensate You for any such losses or results. You are solely responsible for all your use of the Service and for the security of your equipment. You may not reveal, share or otherwise allow others to use your password, or use the passwords of others. You agree that you are personally responsible for the use of your account, and for all of the communication and activity in connection with the Service resulting from the use of your account. Intellectual Property Rights

All Content shown on Tabitha Yoga Online is solely owned by Tabitha Yoga, and cannot be copied, downloaded, or displayed publicly or anywhere else online.

You are hereby granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to access and use the Tabitha Yoga Property and Additional Content only in connection with the usage of the Service. Any use of the Service, Tabitha Yoga Property, or Additional Content other than as specifically authorised in the Terms, is prohibited and will terminate the license to use the same. For the avoidance of doubt, You have no right to make available to third parties any content originating from the Service.

Personal Information & Security

You shall give Tabitha Yoga the correct personal and other information necessary for the use of the Service. You shall inform Tabitha Yoga of any changes to such information.

Use of your personal and other information is governed by the Tabitha Yoga Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference. You consent to process your personal and other information in accordance with the Tabitha Yoga Privacy Policy.

Tabitha Yoga shall take appropriate online and physical measures to prevent unauthorised access to, improper use of, and the reasonable accuracy of your personal data submitted to Tabitha Yoga via the Service. We use various technologies, including, in certain instances, encryption, to ensure high-security standards. Any data that is stored on Tabitha Yoga servers is not generally available to the public. However, the use of internet services always includes security risks.

You shall be liable for all your own equipment, internet connectivity, and software as well as that they do not cause harm to Tabitha Yoga and/or third parties. You agree to not attempt to damage, hack, crack, reverse engineer, or otherwise interfere with the Service in any manner.

Terms Of Use - Service Provision / Cancellation

Tabitha Yoga shall have the right to, at its sole discretion, decide upon the provision of the Service and make it available to you and reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of the Service at any time.

These Terms are in effect for the time being. Your right to use the Service continues until your right to use the Service is terminated. You may terminate your right to use the Service at any time by ceasing to use the Service. Your right to use the Service will automatically terminate if You fail to comply with the material terms of the Terms. In such cases, You will not be entitled to any refund.

Disagreements and Disputes

Tabitha Yoga ( we ) will endeavor to resolve any disagreements amicably.  All contact or correspondence relating to any disagreement or dispute must be directed to: -

Tabitha Yoga Vanessa's School of Dance, Albert House, Derwent Street Belper Derbyshire DE56 1UQ

Phone: 07957387333  E-mail: info@tabitha-yoga.co.uk

All disputes relating to the Service and the Terms shall be settled in a court of law.  These Terms shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with British Law.