​​The Tabitha Yoga Online Strong Pelvic Floor Course

​​A guided course of yoga & pilates classes, a video programme download, and a PDF guidebook

to help you to strengthen your pelvic floor quickly


We've Helped Thousands of Women To Get Their Quality Of Life Back

Join in step-by-step pelvic floor exercises, in easy-to-follow yoga and pilates classes to tighten your pelvic floor muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor quickly and easily.

Get Your Quality Of Life Back

The Tabitha Yoga Strong Pelvic Floor Course is for anyone who wants or needs to strengthen their pelvic floor. Whether you're looking to get the most out of your yoga and Pilates practice or just want to prevent any future issues, this course is perfect for you!

What Can The Strong Pelvic Floor Course Do For You

We've designed The Strong Pelvic Floor Course with one aim in mind, and that is to help you gain a better quality of life.

We know that once you have completed this course you will have better control, you'll feel strong and confident and you'll be able to live the life you want.

Listed below are the things you'll learn when you join the course and the benefits that you will experience once you complete it.

Learn where your pelvic floor is, how it works within your body, and

what are common pelvic floor disorders and their symptoms

You will build a stronger pelvic floor and relieve pressure on your bladder, and bowels.

Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and most importantly how to practice pelvic floor exercises the right way

You will gain better control of your bladder and bowels, improve your posture and increase your strength and flexibility

Learn alternative ways to practice pelvic floor exercises that you'll remember, and how to incorporate pelvic floor management into your everyday life

You will improve feeling and sensation in your sex life and build body confidence.

Ultimately gain a better quality of life

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​​The Ladies Are Loving It

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I just want to say thank you so much for giving us the strong pelvic floor course. I must confess I was a little embarrassed to talk to anyone about the things you cover in the course and the guidebook, but now I feel so much more confident in myself. Your course is so encouraging, now I do nothing but talk about them.

Roberta Gomez

Get The Quality Of Your Life Back

With a simple, one-off, buy-it-now price of just £29.99

you can build your strong pelvic floor, feel confident and in control, and start living the life you want to, now. 

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